DNA semantic bending

"We are the eternal return of the enslaved stock under its new name, junkware
We are the medium, the message and the code.
We are worth our code, not worth a rush."

Thierry Bardini, Junkware (2010)

Junkware is a digital farce that brings together biohack, theater and generative writing to show the absurdity of current trends in technological innovation. Using biometrics data from the audience, the Junk Sequencer generates fictional specifications of objects based on existing patents.

Biometrics Generative Data

The Junk Sequencer use input of biometric data to generates a visual and textual representation of futuristic objects from a large database of patents.

The machine is made of a DNA sampler, an electroencephalographic (EEG) headset that interprets the user’s neural activity and an oxymeter plugged on the user's finger to gather his pulse and heartbeat. All data is anlayzed and the shape and description of the new object are revealed on the screen.

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All code and documentation are available and free ot use under CC-0 license.

Le professeur Roger Laflèche

Science fiction at work

The Pr. Roger Laflèche invites visitors in its hygienic pop-up lab to procede to a set of neuro-psychological tests, DNA sampling and brain waves measurements.

Tests results are used to determine a potential paternity coefficient of an invention.

A new object is born

Before taking part in this pseudo-scientific experiment, all participants have to fill a form and agree to the Terms of Services, that has been generated from random bits of text from the Internet.

At the end of the process, a Junk Honorary Credential diploma is given to each participant as a compensation for their incredible contribution to this experience.

The generated objects are 3D-printed and added to the strange gallery of shapes made by random agencements of patents and people.

"I was a genial inventor and I even didn't know it."

An enthusiastic participant.

"Before, I had no idea of what the future may look like"

A geniune practitioner.

Junk Venture Book

Are we made of junk ?
Do we have become literaly junk ?

In his book Junkware (Minnesota Press, 2010), Thierry Bardini investigates the concept of Junk DNA and proposes that: "most of culture and nature, including humans, is composed of useless, but always potentially recyclable, material otherwise known as junk"

The Junkware Book is an attempt to pursue this investigation. Produced in a week, it gather contributions from workshop attendees, documentation of the Junkware installation, questions and writings .

This junk textbook is a collection of materials to explore and speculate about tomorrow's beings, objects and practice from innovation, technologies or robotics to art, consumerism and addictions.

Thanks to Jenny, Constance, Lea, Franck, Jeany, Katy and Gabriele for their contributions. Special thanks to Thierry Bardini for joining us.

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